This School Banned Homework, And Made Kids Smarter

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This School Banned Homework, And Made Kids Smarter

Normally when you think about going to school, you get flash backs to all those hours of homework you were stuck doing. Essays, math equations, and science projects all done after a full day in class.

The Orchard School has decided that enough was enough, and banned all homework. The school is for kids ages 3-12 and instead of the usual homework, kids to spend their time reading and playing outside.

The principal, Mark Trifilio, realized that homework loads tend to be uneven across classrooms and after some research found that studies show that homework in elementary school is in no way linked to better academic performance. The only after-school academic activity that was beneficial was reading, which is still greatly encouraged.

When he proposed the idea to the teachers, he wasn't expecting them to agree, but "all 40 said yes. And not just  yes, but a passionate yes. When do you get 40 people to agree on something?"

The new homework policy is stated on the school's website:

No Homework Policy

Student's Daily Home Assignment

  1. Read just-right books every night - and have your parents read to you too
  2. Get outside and play - that does not mean more screen time
  3. Eat dinner with your family - and help out with setting and cleaning up
  4. Get a good night's sleep

So far the results have been very good. Kids are learning to read earlier, they are happier and they are having more fun. Parents approve of the policy too, one dad said that his kindergarten aged son can now read without any help, so obviously this process is working well.  

What do you think about this policy? Is it smart to let kids have more time to spend with their families and reading or should they focus on their school work?