This snake had a very human problem, and got help from the most unusual source

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This snake had a very human problem, and got help from the most unusual source

Drug addiction is a cruel illness that affects millions, but it's not unique to humans. Animals can also become addicted and it's even harder for them to kick their addiction.

Just ask this python, who after 7 months of rehab was able to overcome its addiction to crystal meth. Seriously.

Even more astounding than a rehabilitated snake is who helped him overcome his addiction: a group of prison inmates.

Evening Standard

Police raided a drug lab near Sydney, Australia where they found the 6-foot long python "guarding" a stash of drugs. Authorities believe the snake became addicted to crystal meth by inhaling the fumes and particles in the air.

Thankfully there's a treatment center for drug addicted animals, it's just in the strangest place - a prison.

The Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre is a unique program where inmates help repay their debt to society by helping Australia's wildlife get back on its feet (or belly in this case.) They treated over 40 snakes last year, making it a logical place to bring this hooked reptile.

"He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike," said senior manager Ian Mitchell. "Normally...they just lie around, but this one was very aggressive."

Snake and Prisoner

Over 14 prisoners had a hand in helping the snake, many of whom had their own addiction struggles.

The snake is now awaiting a new home with certified reptile keepers.

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