This Spa For Babies Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today


This Spa For Babies Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Adults aren't the only ones who deserve a some R&R every once in awhile. It may seem like children, especially babies don't have a need for some "me time" because they don't really have a worry in life, but that's not true. Tiny humans can be needy and fussy and sometimes every attempt to calm them down fails. The solution? Baby Spa.

There's a spa in Perth, Australia that is exclusively designed for babies! Baby Spa is the country's first spa and massage centre that caters to newborns up to six months old and their parents.

The baby sanctuary was started by sisters Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar inspired by Laura Sevenus, founder of the BabySwim method. The spa currently offers hydrotherapy, baby massage and support sessions.

Baby Spa is the only spa in the world that uses the patented BUBBY® floatation device. It gives babies the support they need in the water so they can safely move without restrictions.

The spa uses grape seed oil from South Africa for massages and each session includes gentle exercises. Just look how blissful this baby is!

The spa encourages parents to get involved in their baby's relaxation process and bond through mom and dad group sessions, infant massage classes, workshops and more.

The facility also staffs neonatal and paediatric nurses and extra amenities include swim nappies and swimsuits, warm towels, soothing music, nursing room, ozone purification and more. The baby's are so pampered that they start to fall asleep!

If you can't get enough of these adorably peaceful babies, here are some more images and clips from the spa's Instagram account to hold you over:


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