A Gas Station Gave This Stay Dog A Job And A Snazzy Uniform

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A Gas Station Gave This Stay Dog A Job And A Snazzy Uniform

At a certain gas station in Brazil there's a friendly attendant waiting to greet you. He can't pump your gas, but he's always ready to make your day better with his friendly smile.

Negí£o isn't your average gas station employee, and he didn't get the job because of his impressive resume. His boss (and owner) Sabrina Plannerer gave him the job after she found him wandering around the station.

His former owner abandoned him there, and with nowhere else to go he was lost and alone. But now he's working for a living and loving every minute of it.

Plannerer took Negí£o to a vet and bought him a doghouse, which she keeps at the station. Her four-legged employee greets customers, and some regulars even bring him toys.

It can be hectic at a gas station that's open 24 hours, but Negí£o loves the company, and it means there's always someone to look after him.

He even has his own employee badge, so everyone can see that this is serious business!

Negí£o has taken to his job so well that he's become a celebrity spokesman for Grupo FERA, a charity that encourages businessmen to adopt dogs.

Hopefully, they can convince lots more companies to give dogs a chance in the workplace. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a Pomeranian behind the counter at my local bank.

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