This Tiny Antelope Proves He's Tougher Than He Looks

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This Tiny Antelope Proves He's Tougher Than He Looks

There is a breed of antelope that is just so tiny that they look like toys. They are called dik-diks and are essentially the size of dogs. They are only about 12-15 inches tall when full grown and weigh 6-13 pounds.

This baby dik-dik named Thamos has already had a bit of a rough life. Just one day after he was born his mother passed away. He was luckily at the Chest Zoo so they were able to intervene and help take care of him.

Look at that face! Who couldn't love him! The zookeepers are taking care of him, making sure the 7.5 inch tall baby is being hand-fed 5 times a day and will introduce him to the rest of the heard at the zoo as soon as he is ready. Right now he is just a bit too tiny, he doesn't even register on any of their scales!

This little sweetheart is going to be okay even though his life didn't really start off as planned.

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