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This Tiny Horse Was Given A Second Chance And A New Set Of Legs

A man in Virginia named Derrick Campana has been giving animals a chance to walk again and it is unbelievable to see.

He makes prosthetic limbs for many animals, including a miniature pony who lost one of her legs shortly after she was born. She wouldn't have been able to walk if it wasn't for Campana's awesome invention.

He says that when he saw this little pony named Angel Marie he didn't know if he would be able to help her,  but after some careful manufacturing he was able to make braces and limbs that would work for her.

He says that the prosthetic limbs he makes aren't as expensive as some people may think, ranging between $500-$700.

Angel Marie isn't the first animal he has helped. He has made limbs for animals ranging in size from cats and dogs all the way up to elephants!

He isn't a veterinarian but he works closely with them to make sure everything is okay. He is able to give animals their mobility back and that is a remarkable gift to give!