Man Creates Quirky Miniature Hats For A Friendly Toad

Chris Newsome describes himself as "a guy from Alabama who likes to make things," but his hobby isn't building birdhouses or decks like most handymen.

For about a year Newsome has been practicing the fine art of "toad millinery" (hat making) and he's ready to share his creations with the world. His model is Mr. Toad, who visits Newsome every night and happily tries on his latest designs.

This all sounds very strange, but Newsome actually has a good reason for making Mr. Toad look so fashionable.


Newsome began making the hats because one of his friends had a child with a pet toad. When the pet died the boy was upset. To cheer him up, Newsome makes these dapper hats, which he plans to give to the boy whenever he finds a new toad.

In the meantime he gets a kick out of getting Mr. Toad to show them off and taking pictures.


The hats are made of foam paper, which Newsome thinks is a "toad friendly material."


Hopefully Newsome finds an excuse to keep making these full-time, because we can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

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