Pet Bird Is Living Proof That Turkeys Give Great Hugs

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Pet Bird Is Living Proof That Turkeys Give Great Hugs

When Brant Pinvidic's farmer friend asked him if he wanted a turkey for Thanksgiving, he said yes right away. But Brant had something much different in mind than his dinner plate.

The 42-year-old dad and his family already had a brood of chickens at their California home, and they decided to adopt Albert the turkey as part of their family.

"I thought that it would nice to go rescue one of those turkeys and pardon him," Brant told TODAY. "We already had a couple of chickens so thought it would be fine, and good for the kids to see."

When Brant brought the bird home with him, Albert followed him to the house and wouldn't leave his side. Within a few months, Albert had become a beloved family pet.

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Albert enjoys hanging out with the family, getting hugs, and watching TV. In a recent viral video, he accompanied the boys to the basketball court. While Brant is enjoying a rest, Albert slowly circles his owner. At first, Brant isn't sure what the bird wants, but Albert climbs into his lap like a tame kitten, wrapping his feathery wings around Brant's shoulders. It's the most adorable hug you'll ever see!

Do you want to see more of this cute turkey? Here's another video of him at a wedding! You can also follow Albert on Instagram.

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