This Was No Accident. Customer Defends Binge-eating With A Note

When you have a hard time you reach for some comfort food, but this Toronto man must have had a really, really hard time.

Fresco Fish and Chips is no stranger to large orders, but one customer felt compelled to explain themselves. They received an order for 3 helpings of mozzarella sticks, one order of deep-fried pickles, some slaw and some drinks. A reasonable amount for a dinner with a couple friends, only this order was going to a single person.

"Yes - I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks," A note attached to the order read. "Please don't judge me, I'm having a really bad week."

While it's too bad that the person is down in the dumps, it is certainly hilarious that they owned their binge-eating. Fresco posted a picture of the receipt on their Instagram where it quickly gained attention.

"No-one should ever apologize for ordering mozzarella sticks," said one Instagram comment.

How right they are, but here's hoping the big order went a long way to making the person feel a little bit better.

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