She Shaved Her Head To Take Control of Her Life After An Assault


She Shaved Her Head To Take Control of Her Life After An Assault

A night out with friends didn't turn out the way Stephanie Giorgi had planned. 2 days before her 27th birthday, she was sexually assaulted by someone who was supposed to get her home safely.

"I became that girl that nobody wants to be "” a mess, a hot mess "” to which point, the friends that I was with were like "˜Stephanie needs to go home,'" Giorgi says. That is when her friends called a car to take her home.

"I was sexually assaulted by the service driver," she says. "Between the time that I was taken home and the time that I had woken up, I was sexually assaulted."

Instead of discussing what had happened, she kept it to herself for fear or being judged.

That was when her hair started to fall out. In 3 months, she had lost 75% of her hair.

"I internalized it so much, that my hair began to fall out. Because I didn't cry, my body cried," Giorgi said in her video.

Every day then became a reminder to her of what happened.

That's when on September 29 she decided it was time to shave her head, so that she could properly move on.

"It was like a breath of fresh air," she says. "I could breathe again 'cause I didn't have to see my hair fall out anymore."

Giorgi is now speaking out to other girls who may have experienced a trauma like this.

Hear her full story:

Stephanie's Story

After Stephanie Giorgi was sexually assaulted, the trauma caused her hair to fall out. This is her story.

Posted by Cosmopolitan on Thursday, November 3, 2016

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