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This Woman Loved This Injured Kitten When Everyone Else Was Too Afraid To Touch Him

A litter of month-old kittens and their mother were discovered in an old shed, but when people looked closer at the babies, they stepped away in horror at the sight of one kitten.

While mom and all the other kitties were perfectly sweet, there was one kitten who was so shockingly injured that people refused to touch him.

It was obvious that this little boy had endured great pain and most certainly a deep trauma - he was missing the top of his head.

When Jessie Anderson saw little Trooper, she knew that he could not be left to die. Even though everyone told her to put him to sleep, Jessie knew that he wanted to live.

"He had the 'scalping' wound on his head that is down to the skull and both ears had been cut off," she tells Love Meow. His horrifying wound looked so painful, but when Jessie scooped him up, he snuggled in for cuddles and love.

"He doesn't know there is anything wrong... He is a very special boy."

After getting some medical attention, a little antibiotic ointment, and a tiny dressing for his head, the grateful little boy gave his new mama a few nose kisses to say thank you.

Jessie Anderson

Despite his condition, Trooper is a cuddly prince. Just like most healthy kittens, he's very curious and loves to explore. Jessie says that he is strong and has a healthy appetite.

After surgery to close the skin on his head and release tension on the skin of his eye, he began to feel better. Although he'll probably always be bald on the top of his head, his mama doesn't mind.

"He's bald on top of his head and probably always will be, his tail is bald on one side and curls around to one side and he still has his little Mohawk down his back (which suits his personality)."

Now, one year later, Trooper has grown into a very happy boy! He fits in happily with his fur family of one kitty sister and six dog brothers and sisters. They love him just the way he is.

It's horrifying to think of the terrible pain he must have been in when the injury happened. Thankfully, his happy ending came when Jessie scooped him up and brought him home!

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