This Zoo Lost A Big Bet, But They Found A Loophole

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This Zoo Lost A Big Bet, But They Found A Loophole

Zoo Atlanta and Roger Williams Park Zoo made a bet on the Superbowl, it's safe to say both zoos thought it would go a little differently.

The bet was pretty simple: if the Atlanta Falcons won, RWP Zoo had to name a baby animal after star quarterback Matt Ryan. If the New England Patriots won, Zoo Atlanta had to do the same with Tom Brady.

As the 3rd quarter went on, it seemed like Atlanta had the game won. But the Patriots made a historic comeback and Zoo Atlanta was now on the hook for naming a baby animal after Tom Brady.

When you think "baby animal," you think of a cute, fluffy, cuddly buddy. But Zoo Atlanta decided to go a different route.

Meet Tom Brady, the baby Madagascar Hissing Cockroach! That's right. Zoo Atlanta decided to take an alternative route than a typically adorable baby animal.

Once Tom Brady grows up, he'll look like this:

Can you see the resemblance?

Many people are saluting Zoo Atlanta for getting creative with a fun bet. But there are also Pats fans who don't seem to recognize the humor of it all, either calling Zoo Atlanta "bitter losers" or calling the move disrespectful.

Boo, hiss. Or should we say boo, hiss(ing cockroach!)

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