Thomas Markle Speaks Out For The First Time In Months About Meghan

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Thomas Markle Speaks Out Against Meghan's Treatment Of Him

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Meghan Markle has a lot to deal with in her life. She's got a whole new family to pay attention to, a whole new level of fame to deal with, and a bunch of protocols that she's forced to follow.

On top of all of that, Meghan is also pregnant with her first child. That seems like it would be a lot for anyone to deal with, but the Duchess of Sussex is also dealing with a great deal of family drama.

Her estranged family is constantly speaking out about their relationship with Meghan, whether it's her sister Samantha or Thomas himself, the royal couple has been continuing to ignore them all.

Now, Thomas has appeared on Good Morning Britain to set the record straight. He says that many of the things reported about him are false.

"I've been quiet for six months, and no one's returned anything back to me. No one has said a word to me."  

Piers Morgan began the exclusive interview with Thomas by asking how he feels about this ongoing rift.

"I'm very disappointed by it. I'm not sure why it's happening. I'm waiting. I'm reaching out, I've been trying to reach out for several weeks. Every day I try to text her, I just haven't received any comment back."

Thomas explains that he has been "asking [Meghan] to respond back to me," but she has yet to respond to her father.

When Morgan asks if he's had contact with anyone in the royal family or even Meghan's mother, Thomas reveals that no one has responded to him. Morgan suggests that he's been completely "ghosted," which Thomas agrees with.

Morgan then launches into his own story of how Meghan no longer speaks to him, but admits it's obviously not the same situation, but asked if this was a pattern she had been doing for a long time.

Her father defended Meghan, saying that she has always been "very polite to everyone" but he doesn't know why she won't respond to him now.

Thomas believes that the reason that his daughter won't answer her is that she's believing all the news in the tabloids. He suspects that all the false reports are making the royal couple feel like they can't trust him, but he explains that many of the reports are false.

"I haven't said so many things, but they're believe it and apparently that's why I'm being shunned or ghosted," Thomas explained.

He explained that he receives comments every day from people telling him to stop talking, and then maybe his daughter will talk to him again, but he explained he hasn't spoken to the press in six months and still hasn't heard a word.

Morgan asked if Thomas is worried that he will never talk to his daughter again, but Thomas is confident they will be able to resolve this one day.

"I'm hopeful that soon something will be resolved and we'll be talking. This can't continue forever. People are saying I should be quiet about this and not speak, if I don't speak they will speak to me, but that hasn't happened. I don't plan to be silent for the rest of my life."

Thomas continues by giving a plea to his daughter.

Good Morning Britain Thomas Markle
A photo of Thomas and Meghan Markle shared by Thomas. ITV

"I love my daughter very much and she has to know that and I would really appreciate if she would just call me, reach out somehow to me, just send me a text, just say you're there, you're hearing me, and you know I'm here."

Morgan clarifies that Thomas isn't being paid for the interview so others won't have the opportunity to say he is exploiting it.

Thomas is hoping that he will be able to meet his future grandchild, and thinks that she will be a "great mom" and will potentially "soften" when she has her own child.

While he knows that she has a lot of responsibilities as a duchess, he said, "There has to be a place for me, I'm her father."

Good Morning Britain Thomas Markle
Meghan and Thomas Markle, in a photograph shared by Thomas in the interview. ITV

Thomas even reached out to the queen herself when Morgan prompted, saying that he would appreciate her help. "I would appreciate anything she can do and I would think that she would want to resolve the family problems. All families royal or otherwise, they are the same and they should all be together, certainly around the holidays."

When the rumors about Meghan were brought up, Thomas stood up for his daughter.

"Meghan has always been a very polite girl, she's never been rude to anyone to my knowledge. She was raised on Hollywood stages and learned to respect the crew and learned to respect everyone. I just can't see her being rude to anybody. It's not her."

But he does continue by saying "She has always been a very controlling person and that's part of her nature, whether she's never been rude. She's always been in charge, that's her nature, but she's always been polite with it.

He discussed their relationship further. "Meghan lived with me from the age of eleven all through middle school and high school and until she went off to college. We're very close. What's happening, I'm not sure of, I'd love to talk to her about it. It comes back to the fact that so many reporters would pick up on one of these articles I've done and write their own stories and tell lies and say things I've said that I haven't said."

Thomas remains hopeful that his daughter will speak to him again soon, but for now he has to just follow along with the news to learn about his daughter's life.

Source - Good Morning Britain

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