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Thomas Markle Jr. Asks Queen To Step In Amidst Family Feud


It's been a while since we've heard from Meghan Markle's family, and apparently they feel the same way. Anyone who's been paying attention knows that Markle's paternal family loves to make headlines, specifically about how the Duchess of Sussex has seemingly abandoned the rest of her family. What they often fail to recount is how before she married into the royal family, none of them bothered to have a relationship with her.

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After Archie was born, Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan's said that it was up to Meghan to "repair the rift" between her and the family so that Archie could get to know his other family.

"Anytime there's an addition to the family, it's a big thing,"Thomas, 52, told Access."Hopefully in this case it will actually bring our family back together a little bit and tighten our little ongoing rift. ... Meghan only has one family where she came from. She's got two now, but we are her family and I'd like to bring a little awareness to that. I would just hate to go through life and know that I had a hole in their family somewhere that I never met. So whatever we can do to avoid that situation would be good."


There was no response from Meghan or the palace, and apparently Thomas has taken that personally. He has once again spoken out about Meghan's relationship with the other side of her family, and he's pleading with her to make things right.

“Now you’re a mother, I hope you’re grown up and mature enough to figure out family is very important," Thomas pleaded. "If something critical happens to our father, would Meghan show up? I honestly don’t think she would. God forbid she’s not that heartless. I don’t think anybody could live with that for her entire life.”

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If Meghan isn't going to step up, then Thomas has a couple of other ideas about who should. He told the Mirror that he thinks “the queen should step in and tell Meghan to make amends with her father and family.” If not the Queen, then he believe Prince Charles “should step in and say, ‘Something’s not right.’ They should force her into this, or it’s just going to continue to cause problems in her life.'”

To be honest, it doesn't sound like too much of an issue for Meghan so far. She's been living a great life as a new mom with Prince Harry, but I guess we don't see what happens behind the scenes.


Thomas also says that Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, will be the next one to fall out of favor.

"She [Doria] gets a day here, a day there...that's about it," Thomas claimed. "I think that's probably the next relationship that's going to fall off the map."

Again, that statement is a little strange, because Doria has been extremely involved in Meghan's life since she's become a royal, especially after the birth of baby Archie.

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Thomas then went on to say that the British public is probably upset with Meghan and Harry renovating their already lavish living space, considering it's done with taxpayer money.

“I could see this would be pretty disappointing for some of the British public, especially when there’s a lot of people struggling just to get by," Thomas pointed out. "Personally I feel I don’t know this Meghan any more. My father doesn’t know this Meghan any more."

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The message to Meghan ended with a shot to Meghan's parenting skills.

“Some day I hope you’re smart enough and mature enough to open up and let your family into your life, and baby Archie’s life,” Thomas said in his message to the royal. “Most of all I hope you can call your father and let him be at least a part of yours and Archie’s life. You owe him that.”

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Personally, I can't take anything the Markle family says as truth, with the exception of Meghan obviously. They all seem to take advantage of the spotlight and use Meghan to make headlines. I don't blame her for not wanting to have a relationship with them.

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Who do you think is responsible for the Markle family drama?

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