Tiffany's Released An "Everyday Objects" Line That Costs More Than My Rent


Tiffany's Released An "Everyday Objects" Line That Costs More Than My Rent

Tiffany & Co. makes some pretty stunning items. Their jewelry is the envy of women everywhere. Once you see that little blue box, you know it's going to be good.

But if you want any of these Tiffany's products, you better have the funds. This necklace alone will cost you $1,750.

It's long been a complaint from consumers that Tiffany products are either impractical or way too expensive. No one needs to spend $340 on a whistle key chain.

That's why when the company announced their "Everyday Object" line, people hoped it would be a little more affordable, and a little more for "everyday" use as the name suggests.

But they were wrong. Oh boy, were they wrong.

Tiffany's reason for the line was to turn "utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art." It also seems like some type of social experiment to see how much money people will spend just to say they did.

These are the objects in the "Everyday Line", and they cost more than my rent, honestly.

1. "Paper Cups" for $95

The price on this isn't too bad, and the cups are in fact China. But come on.

2. Paper Clip for $1,500


If I'm spending $1,500 on a paper clip, assume I have won the lottery and want to hold all my money in this clip. Then assume I need professional help.

3. Table Tennis Paddles for $650


Engraving costs another $45, but if you're already dropping this much money on ping pong paddles, you can probably afford it.

4. Protractor for $425


If you can afford this math tool, you can afford to pay someone to do math for you.

5. Ice Cream Scoop for $375


I might drop the money on this one if they can guarantee me it will make the perfect scoop.

6. Crazy Straw for $350


That's a lot of money to spend just to blow bubbles in your chocolate milk.

7. Tin Can for $1,000


Do you buy this just to throw it in the recycling?? It doesn't even come with soup in it!! $1,000 to look like you're begging on the street corner.

8. "Triangle" for $400


I can't tell you how many times a day I lose my triangle. "Where's my triangle? I need my triangle!" is a phrase I constantly utter.

9. Ball of Yarn for $9,000


"We've reimagined an everyday yarn ball in handspun strands of textured sterling silver, rendering the ordinary extraordinary." How uncomfortable is this scarf going to be?

10. Yo-yo for $300


The string better be made of spun gold.

11. Bird's Nest for $10,000


No one, I repeat NO ONE, needs this.

What do you think of Tiffany's new line?

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