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Tiny Princess Steps On Stage, Leaves Everyone's Jaws On The Floor

She's not your average princess! This 6-year-old kid from Brazil may dress like a princess, but she plays the drums like a rock god!

Eduarda Henklein started playing drums when she was 4. She also sings and has the personality of a rock star. She has a unique style and it's absolute perfection. She recently was on the show "Little Big Shots" where she made a huge impression.                                ‌

She hams it up fr the camera with her charismatic performance that you have to see. At one point she even winks at the camera! She is going to be be such a big star and she knows it.

She wins the audience over in seconds when she starts playing "Wipe Out" on the show. It's so cute and she definitely has a future in the music industry.

Check out the amazing video and see for yourself!