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Tiny Runt Was Born Without Elbow Joints, But She Blossoms Into A Stunner!

A tiny kitten and her siblings were brought to a shelter in April 2016. Volunteers took one look at the littlest girl and recognized that something was wrong...

"She was considerably smaller than her siblings and the staff at the shelter noticed she was walking weird," Marnie Russ told Love Meow.

Soon enough they knew what was wrong: she was born without elbow joints! Marnie specializes in special care kitties, but she only intended to foster Little Roo.

After she brought the precious baby home, she realized that her love was too strong to resist.

Little Roo began therapy and soon enough she was playing mischievously like every normal kitten. Nothing can stop Little Roo! She's learned to walk around on her hind legs, like a kangaroo!

Little Roo Russ

Little Roo stayed with her favorite family and grew stronger with every passing day! She eventually grew strong enough to use her front legs like a normal kitty.

Now she's a real stunner! Wow!

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[h/t Love Meow]