Titanic II - An Exact Replica Of The Famous Ship - Will Set Sail On Its Doomed Route


Titanic II - An Exact Replica Of The Famous Ship - Will Set Sail On Its Doomed Route

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The Titanic disaster has fascinated the world since the ship's first - and last - voyage in 1912.

While more than 1,500 people lost their lives after the ship slammed into the iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, the glitz and glamour of life on board the famous ship still fascinates us.

If you can't stop watching James Cameron's Titanic over and over, and dreaming about your own trip on the doomed ship, we have good news.

A new replica of the Titanic promises passengers an "authentic experience."Wikimedia Commons

The Titanic II

The Titanic II, a modern replica of the famous ship, will finally set sail in 2022, after years of delays and more than $500 million spent to build the massive ocean liner.

The project's creator, Australian businessman Clive Palmer, blamed a dispute with the Chinese government for putting the project on hiatus in 2015. (The new ship, like just about everything else, was made in China.)

Titanic II
A rendering of the Titanic II at the destination of the original ship's doomed voyage, New York City.Roderick Eime

But now, he says the project is up and running again, with its maiden voyage scheduled for 2022. And Palmer is promising his passengers an "authentic Titanic experience" at "the highest level of luxurious comfort."

While it will set sail from Dubai first, the new ship will recreate the original Titanic's maiden voyage, from Southampton, England to New York City.

If everything goes to plan - and the ship can steer clear of any icebergs - it will arrive at its destination after two weeks, something that can't be said for the original Titanic.

First Class Titanic
A model of a First Class cabin on the new ship.Blue Star Line - Facebook
Titanic II
A Third Class cabin on the new ship.Blue Star Line - Facebook

The new ship's cabins and amenities follow the same layout as the original, with other features like smoking rooms, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a luxury dining room based on the original ship's.

Titanic II Cafe
The new ship's Parisian Cafe.Blue Star Line - Facebook
Titanic II swimming pool
The swimming pool on board the Titanic II is based on the original ship's.Blue Star Line - Facebook

Even the grand staricase, made famous by the James Cameron movie, is included.

Grand staircase 2022
The grand staircase is sure to host many romantic moments when the new ship sets sail in 2022.Blue Star Line - Facebook

But that eye for period-accurate detail also means passengers riding in third class cabins might be a little cramped.

All told, the ship will feature 835 cabins, and can accommodate 2,435 passengers, with space for another 500 crew members.

A Safe Voyage (Fingers Crossed)

Despite being designed to mirror the original ship, the Titanic II has a few crucial modern updates.

Titanic Lifeboat
There were not enough lifeboats to rescue the more than 2,000 passengers on the original ship.National Archives - Wikimedia

The original Titanic was equipped to carry dozens of lifeboats, but didn't have enough for the more than 2,000 passengers on its maiden voyage.

That's because, at the time, legal requirements for ship safety were more relaxed, and it seemed unlikely that the massive ship could sink in just three hours, before rescue boats arrived to unload stranded passengers.

But the Titanic II is built with modern standards in mind, and features enough motorized lifeboats for a complete evacuation.

Titanic II
The Titanic II will set sail in 2022.Blue Star Line - Facebook

The new ship also has modern navigational equipment, and is made with a sturdier welded hull, instead of historically-accurate rivets.

After its historic voyage to New York, the Titanic II will continue criss-crossing the globe, stopping at a number of ports to give more passengers the "authentic" Titanic experience.

But if a long cruise doesn't float your boat, there are other attractions planned based on the famous ship.

Titanic shipwreck
Soon, tourists will be able to explore the Titanic's wreckage on the ocean floor.NOAA/IFE/URI

Developers in China are already building a replica of the famous ship on the Qijang River, which will act as a landlocked hotel instead of an actual cruise ship.

And OceanGate, and American tourism company, will bring visitors closer to the real Titanic than anyone has been in decades with special diving trips.

Tourists will be able to explore the boat's underwater wreckage next year, but tickets for the exclusive experience start at $105,000 per person.

Details about dates and prices for the Titanic II have not been revealed yet, but you can learn more about the project on Blue Star Line's website.

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Would you like to take a trip on the Titanic II?

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