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Toddler Puts On 'Skinny Jeans' Learns That Life Isn't Fair

Two words that strike fear into most women's hearts: skinny jeans.

No matter what size you are (unless you're a zero) you know what we're talking about when we say 'the struggle is real.'

We've all been there: laying on the bed, sucking in our stomach, clenching the butt cheeks, holding our breath as we wriggle the impossibly unforgiving fabric over our thighs.


When mom, Alyssa Price, noticed that her daughter Ryan had found some old, outgrown jeans, she knew she had to film what happened next.

Little Ryan's reaction to her jeans not fitting is absolutely adorable and definitely not something an adult woman would do in the same situation.

The adorable little girl giggles to herself as she tries to snap the fly closed. It never quite connects, even after she tries to suck in her baby belly.

Over 16 million people sympathized with the little one and loved the video instantly!

Some others were unhappy that this mother let her daughter try to wriggle into tiny pants, stating that she could develop body confidence issues.

Others argued that the baby was 'obese' and needed a more nutritional diet.

But there was one thing that unnerved some parents most of all, did you spot it?

Ryan was standing ON her change table, rather than sitting or laying down.

Whatever your views, this video probably made you smile. Do you think people took it too seriously, or were they right about their concerns?

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