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Tom Brady Defends His Daughter After Radio Host Publicly Insults Her

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Tom Brady is getting ready to appear in his eighth Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, but that doesn't mean he's completely cut off from the world around him. After hearing rude comments about his daughter from a radio host, Brady didn't sit back and let it slide.  

Tom Brady and his daughter, VivianInstagram

Boston radio station WEEI found themselves in some hot water after one of their hosts, Alex Reimer, called Brady's five-year-old daughter Vivian an "annoying little pissant." Reimer was reviewing the first episode of "Tom vs. Time" which is a Facebook series that takes a closer look at Brady's life. Vivian appeared in the episode, and clearly Reimer took issue with it.

However, he may be rethinking his comments now that Vivian's super famous, and super protective, father has stepped in.

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