Top Celebs Who Are Also Popular For Their Love Of Sports Betting


Top Celebs Who Are Also Popular For Their Love Of Sports Betting

It’s pretty common to see sports fanatics betting enthusiastically on the sports loved by them, to both show their support for teams/players they admire, as well as to win some extra dollars in the process. Regardless of why they indulge in it, sports betting has emerged as amongst the most popular hobbies of people world over. Considering the fact that a sports lover can be anyone, including a celebrity, there have been some very famous people who have indulged in this activity in the past. It also makes sense as they have the means and time available to wager money on any number of sports.

If you too love sports betting, whether in person at land-based bookies or casinos, or online at some reputed portal like Pinnacle Sports, you would surely be interested in knowing which all celebs share your interest. Let’s tell you about some of the famous people who are also popular for their love of betting. However, before we get into that, please note that if you choose to place bets online, you should do it only after carrying out a thorough comparative analysis on the various bookmakers offering their services on the internet. For instance, here’s a detailed Pinnacle Sports betting platform review to tell you about this seasoned bookmaker that operates in many countries today. Onto the celebs now!

50 Cent

Not only is 50 Cent famous for his rapping skills, he is widely recognised in the gambling circles too. In fact, he once tweeted having bet US$ 50,000 on Giants who were scheduled to play against 49ers at the time.

Michael Jordan

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Michael Jordan and his feats in and out of the ring! Simply put, he’s amongst the most famous and greatest NBA players of all time. If we go by the rumours, Michael Jordan had to retire because of a secret suspension resulting from his gambling indulgences. NBA is very strict about their sports betting rule and the superstar has himself admitted on a number of occasions that he lost millions of dollars betting on sports.

Charlie Sheen

The superstar who carried many films and series like ‘Two and a Half Men’ on his shoulders has had his fair share of problems with different kinds of addictions, including gambling and sports betting. Going by the statements of Denise Richards, his ex-wife, Charlie had a severe gambling addiction at one point of time, so much so that he would end up spending around US$ 200,000 per week on sports betting alone.

Ben Affleck

The Batman star has never shied away from expressing his love for gambling. He is often spotted at casino establishments with his celebrity friends like Leonardo DiCaprio. At one time, he started indulging so much that he had to deal with addiction problem. So much so that was sent into rehabilitation for both alcoholism and gambling in the year 2001.

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