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Where Are The "Touched By An Angel" Cast Now?

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"When you walk down the road, heavy burden heavy load. i will rise and i will walk with you. I'll walk with you till the don't even shine, walk with you every time I tell I"ll walk with you. Believe me I'll walk with you."

If you've never seen Touched By An Angel, you've at least heard of it. It was basically required knowledge for anyone in the 90s. The theme song either triggered happiness or extreme boredom, but it triggered something.

Though the cast changed on and off through each episode, there were some main characters we grew to love over the entire series. But after the show ended in 2003, did you keep up with them? Here's where the cast of Touched By An Angel is now.

Valerie Bertinelli

Food Network/YouTube

Bertinelli has arguably had the most success post-Angel. Though she was only on the show for 46 episodes, Bertinelli still made an impact on the hit show. After divorcing Eddie Van Halen in 2007, Bertinelli wrote a book about how she struggled to lose weight and her stressful marriage. In 2010, the actress landed a lead roll in the NBC comedy Hot in Cleveland alongside Betty White. Bertinelli also has her own TV show on Food Network called Valerie's Home Cooking where she makes recipes that are both comforting and healthy.

Continue reading to find out more about the other cast members of Touched By An Angel.

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