Trapped In A Chimney, She Was Days From Death Before Someone Stepped In

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Trapped In A Chimney, She Was Days From Death Before Someone Stepped In

Edgar's Mission in Victoria, Australia normally rescues farm animals. Pam Ahern, who runs the sanctuary, got a call for a rescue and assumed it was a goat, chicken, sheep, or some other type of wild animal.

But when she showed up to a local bakery, it was something a little smaller.

Ahern was called to the bakery by a woman named Jessica, who had said there was a kitten trapped in a chimney.

According to Jessica, the kitten had been crying for days, but no one else at the bakery cared to help. Jessica contacted local emergency services, vets, and rescue groups but no one helped. Ahern knew she had to do something.

"We quickly realized that we were indeed this kitty's and Jessica's last hope," Ahern said. "It was a busy Sunday and chores beckoned, but the plight of the poor animal tugged harder at my heartstrings, so off I went."

The rescue was tricky. The kitten had fallen deep into the chimney, and the bakery owner was uncooperative. He didn't want any damage done to his property. Ahern had to wiggle her way up the chimney and grabbed the meowing kitten and brought her to safety.

Ahern named the kitten Jessica, after the woman who saved her life.

Little Jessica was starving and dehydrated, but Ahern knew she could help her recover. Jessica was brought to the sanctuary where she was nursed back to health.

"Being so vulnerable, Jessica was popped inside my jumper and got to meet many, many animals about the farm," Ahern said. "In particular, the many orphans who bunkered down in the office-cum-nursery during the day."

Jessica became best friends with Ahern's dog, E.T.

Jessica has also trained the staff at Edgar's Mission, using her cuteness to win them over.

"One of her favorite games is to see who will open the door for her," Ahern explained. "We all work in an office that runs off from the lounge room of my house. Jessica waits until everyone is sitting down, then appears on the other side of the glass door and scratches madly until someone gets up and lets her in. Then, just for a bit of fun, she decides she wants to go back into the house so she wanders over to the glass door, scratches madly until someone gets up ... and lets her back into the house again."

Jessica, like every other kitten, also loves cuddles. But ONLY when it's a bad time.

"Like when you are madly typing for a deadline, stark naked and about to jump in the shower, and minutes before you have to get out of bed," Ahern explains.

Now she's getting bigger, but Jessica is still a huge part of Edgar's Mission. She has become friends with all the other rescue cats and animals on the farm. Even though she pretends to hate it, Ahern says Jessica loves her new home.

"I love the way she snuggles into your lap and outstretches her paw towards your mouth so you can kiss it," Ahern says. "Also the way she looks into my eyes then slowly closes hers as if she is in the happiest place on Earth. That makes me feel blessed."

To help support Jessica and her friends at Edgar's Mission, you can make a donation here!

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