Trump Taking Aim At 17 Year Old Girl Over Her Kitten Website

Lucy is a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco, California with a penchant for kittens and an interest in coding that has turned into a legal nightmare.

When she initially set up her website, it featured kittens punching president Trump in the face with their fuzzy little paws. The website was originally called TrumpScratch.

But, when he got wind of what was going on, he ordered his lawyers to shut her down.

According to her interview with Observer, Lucy created the website, that she calls a "fun, little"  project, to put on her resume.

Three weeks after her site went live, Lucy was served a cease and desist letter from Trump's general counsel. Lucy's family lawyer counseled her to change the name of her website to

Lucy and her lawyers have not responded to the Trump counsel and are waiting to see what happens.

Necessary legal action, or should his attention be focused on more pressing matters of State? You decide.