Trying to Conceive: It May Not Happen The First Time, Or The Hundredth


Trying to Conceive: It May Not Happen The First Time, Or The Hundredth

So you've decided it's time to grow your family, what an exciting time it is for you guys! So what's next? We all know the story of the birds and the bees, but what happens after the days, weeks and months past and it still hasn't happened?

In the beginning you were excited about the prospect of making a baby, and you were just going to let "nature take it's course". Now you're surrounded by ovulation charts, pre-scheduled mating sessions and you were just invited to yet another baby shower. How did we get here?

You may have felt a pang of nausea or you are feeling a little extra bloated, better take a test, because you never know this could be the month. Another negative test, another period arriving. You collapse into a ball on the bathroom floor wondering how it can be so easy for some, and not for you. What's wrong with me?

This has been me. I have fought with my husband out of the stress we were both under, snapped at family members for asking innocently when we were going to have a baby and had endless tears at seeing those baby commercials on TV. It's so easy to get completely wrapped up in fear, guilt and anxiety that it still hasn't happened. Will it ever happen? Will I ever get to be a mom? That's your fear right there.

You make a doctor's appointment- endless tests to find out if there is anything wrong. Poked, prodded, scanned and examined. All the while at home, you are following that endless chart being sure to not miss a day when it 'could happen'. Legs in the air, wait 10 mins, say a prayer, whatever works for you.

Not everyone's road to pregnancy is an easy one. Some people get pregnant without intending it, others have to wait years for that stick to finally show 2 lines. I can't help but let out a sigh of exasperation when people can choose the month their baby is born, just by simply counting backwards and conceiving that month. We aren't all as lucky to get it on the first try, but when it does happen, you forget all the tears, fears and fights and just get excited about the road ahead.

Good luck moms-to-be, you're not alone.