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11 Reasons Watching TV In The 70s Was Hard Work

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When kids talk about "binge-watching" a TV show, it's hard to grasp that concept. How can you possibly sit and watch seven episodes of the same show in a row?

Of course, "watching TV" is just a saying at this point. Most people consume television on their computers and phones through Netflix, and not actually on the television. But do you remember when we actually had to work for our shows? Those were the days...

1. You were the remote control.

Whoever was closest to the TV was effectively the remote control. One of your family members would chuck a pillow at you when the volume needed to go up or down or if they wanted the channel changed. None of this "channel flipping" nonsense.

2. Commercials couldn't be fast-forwarded.


Crazy, right? You actually had to sit and watch the ads in between segments on your favorite show. There was no fast-forwarding or pausing. You either got up to get a snack while they were on, or you sat through them like a champ.

3. Tin foil was your best friend.

Those bunny ear antennas weren't just for decor, they affected the picture on the screen as well. "High-definition" in our day meant wrapping more tin foil on top of the antennas and hoping for the best.

4. "Watching it later" was hard.

DVRs were something we could only dream of. If you missed an episode of your favorite TV show, well that was just too darn bad. You either had to wait for re-runs over the summer, or just ask your friends for a play-by-play of what happened. On Demand and online watching weren't an option. You knew when your shows were on and you made sure you were planted on the couch in time to watch.

5. The rain was a big issue.

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How many times did you year your dad yell "I'VE GOT TO GET UP ON THE ROOF AND FIX THE ANTENNA!" Too many times to count, right? If there was a storm or, let's face it, a strong gust of wind, it could totally knock out your reception. The antenna looked like a metallic oak tree, but it got the job done...after a little wiggling, of course.

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