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4-Year-Old Twins Take The Ice To Perform "The Nutcracker" And We Can't Stop Smiling

We've all heard of The Nutcracker right? The classic Christmas ballet which has become a staple in many people's holiday traditions? These four-year-old twins blew us away with their adorable performance of The Nutcracker for a figure skating show, and we can't believe how cute it is!

I remember when my mom put me in figure skating, all I wanted to do was sit on the bench and watch everyone else! I was far from coordinated and could never really grasp the concept of skating backwards, but it looks like these cutie pies have a great future ahead of them!

The video has been watched over 5 million times since it was uploaded in 2008. Katarina and Dakota DelCamp certainly know how to bring the entertainment, even if they're still learning how to write their own name! The pair is now grown up and Katarina has been invited to join the USA Figure Skating Team. Talk about moving up!

Take a look at this adorable routine! I guarantee you won't be able to not smile.

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