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Identical Twins Separated At Birth Reunite After 33 Years

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Ever since I could maintain conscious thought, I knew I was adopted. To be fair, it was hard not to. Despite the fact I was the only Chinese member in my large Irish family, I never felt different.

While I had a normal childhood filled with love and laughter, I always wondered if something was missing in my life - namely, my biological relatives.

Don't get me wrong, I treasure the family that raised me, but the thought of having siblings halfway across the globe frequently plagued my mind. However, despite the fantasy, I'm unsure how I would react.

While I may never know the details of my bloodline, two women discovered that not only were they siblings, but also identical twins.

The girls had been abandoned by their biological parents, as Katey Bennett was discovered in a basket on the steps of an orphanage, while Amanda Dunford was found tied to a pole in the home of a street vendor.

But, after 33 years, Dunford and Bennett were reunited after being separated at birth. The twins were born in South Korea but were adopted by two different families who lived on the opposite sides of the United States (Arizona and California respectively).

When Dunford was seven years old, her mother told her there was a possibility she had a twin sister, but she had already been adopted.

In 2013, Dunford decided to submit her DNA to genetic testing service, 23andMe, to find out if she had any diseases or allergies, she also wanted to see if she could find any members of her biological family.

Dunford didn't have to wait long, as Bennett would soon send her a message.

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