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The Twisted Life Of Singer Connie Francis Revealed In Recent Memoir

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The pop singer who rose to international acclaim in the 1950s and 60s has decided to unveil all of her life's dirty secrets in a memoir titled "Among My Souvenirs: The Real Story."

The songstress, who released an incredible number of hit numbers such as "Where the Boys Are", "You, My Darling You", and "Stupid Cupid" outlines the tragic path of her music career in a new tell-all.

Her initial recording career was troubled from the get-go, with several false starts before she was taken seriously as an artist. She put out many singles in the mid-50s that were actually quite popular, but unfortunately didn't seem to be able to keep the spark alive.

Her father, who was her manager for most of her career, kept pressuring her to try and find the next show-stopper single, and it was at his insistence that the widely popular hit "Who's Sorry Now?" brought her back into the spotlight.

However, despite his ability to keep her in the limelight, he was not the best father figure to her and led a life of shady dealings. Connie may have had the voice of an angel, but her connections to a vast criminal underworld would eventually lead to terrible tragedies throughout her life.

She details how she grew up in an Italian-American neighborhood in New Jersey, where her family and community were tied closely to the mafia that was active during this time period. Her father had connections to the mob enterprise (that included Joe Kennedy Sr.'s inner circle), but also knew his daughter had a gift and encouraged her to actively pursue talent competitions.

In her latest book, Connie wants to clear the air with everything she has gone through in her whirlwind life, and that meant stepping on a few toes.

When she was already 24, Connie got her first chart success for a duet with Marvin Rainwater, which peaked at number 93 on Billboard's Hot 100. In the following years, she would quickly find herself launched into a lavish lifestyle, and all the scandal that came with it.

From here on out, her world would be home to celebrities, mobsters, heartbreak, but also, triumph.

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