Vets Didn't Think Two-Legged Puppy Could Survive, But He Won't Give Up

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Vets Didn't Think Two-Legged Puppy Could Survive, But Now He's Proven Them All Wrong

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When the vet took a good look at little Nubby, they suggested that he be euthanized. He was born without front legs and didn't have the strength to force his way through the group of his brothers and sisters to get milk.

His mother hadn't rejected him, but there was nothing she could do to get him to eat. But Nubby found himself a friend who refused to give up on him.

Lou Robinson and her husband brought home the tiny newborn and did their research so they could take care of him properly. They bottle fed him and made sure he was doing okay and hoped for the best.

"Day three came and went, day seven, day ten, day sixteen, and Nubby thrived. He thrived! His eyes opened, his ears developed, he found his sounds, smells and voice," Robinson said of their unique little friend.

Robinson is a longtime animal rights activist and teaches classes on compassionate care for animals. She has been monitoring Nubby's health closely and even when he developed an "esophageal abnormality" that caused a little pocket to form in his throat she stuck by him. They are hoping that will resolve as he grows but have been keeping a very close eye on it.

"As long as he has a chance at quality of life, we will fight to give him that chance," the Robinsons have completely fallen in love with this special little boy. Who couldn't? He is so sweet and wonderful and here's hoping he just gets stronger with age!

Nubby thrived as he grew with the love of his family helping him overcome all of the obstacles he faced every day.

Robinson did everything in his power to give him the best life possible and Nubby has grown into a handsome boy.

He got to play outside and learn what it was like to have all kinds of fun.

He is always happy to give hugs to his family.

He's even got some best friends to hang out with.

Nubby even gets to go swimming now!

Nubby eventually was outfitted with a custom wheel chair to help him get around when his family takes him on his many adventures.

It's so nice to see just how well he's doing now, and how a little bit of love and attention can make the difference in an animal's life.

It's so amazing that Robinson was able to help this perfect little boy, and I'm sure Nubby is so grateful!

You can follow Nubby here to keep up with how he's doing!

Source - Facebook / Expand Your Consciousness

Who else agrees that Nubby is perfect just the way he is?