Two Ponies Escape Attempt Ends In Arrest

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Two Ponies Escape Attempt Ends In Arrest

Blizzard or not, these ponies decided that they were going to have a fun day on the town! Two miniature ponies escaped from their pen in Staten Island and took off on an adventure that made quite the impression on the town.

It's not too often that you see two ponies running loose in the streets!

9-year-old Blondie and 5-year-old Jewels were tucked away in their barn in Eltingville when the heavy winds forced open the door. They took that as an invitation to explore and made their way into town.

Witnesses called the authorities, updating them on their location so they could track down the pair. Robert Stasio, witness, said that "I thought I was seeing things. the were running up my block. I looked out the windows and I see these two horses, these two ponies, flying by."

He jumped in his truck to try to find them, but by the time he caught up with them the police had already put an end to their excursion.

An off-duty police officer was actually the one to catch them, using a tow strap from his car to make a loose-fitting lead rope for each of them. He secured them to a lamp post while he waited for the cops to arrive. He said it was "just like walking a dog, we walked them to the sidewalk and they complied."

I guess they won't be getting charged with resisting arrest then...

The ponies belong to Julius Nasso who said the ponies seemed relieved to be back home. "They were happy, because they knew they were out of their environment. They went right back. They started eating their hay."

Glad to see they are safe after their big adventure!