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Two Stores Beat Trader Joe's As American's Favorite Grocery Chain

There's no doubt that Trader Joe's is a great place to shop, and most of us would be surprised to know that it's actually not American's favorite grocery chain.

From delicious health snacks, to sauces and dips that will blow your mind, Trader Joe's is definitely a regular stop on my errand run.

Trader Joe's recently conducted their annual survey to find out which products people loved the most. We can definitely check off some of our favorites here!

Coming in on top for favorite snack are the peanut butter pretzels.

The favorite frozen appetizer is Spanakopita.

Who can forget the favorite candy being Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

And the favorite bakery item being Almond Kringle.

Well the results are in, and we couldn't be more surprised at American's favorite grocery chain.

In a recent study conducted by Market Force, participants ranked stores based on value for their money, speedy checkouts, availability of items, ease of shopping experience, cashier courtesy, store cleanliness and more.

Surprisingly two stores tied for the top spot at a 77% rating, leaving Trader Joe's in third place at a 76% rating.

The two stores taking the top ranking are Publix and Wegmans.

Publix is America's largest employee-owned supermarket chain across the U.S. and has ranked second for the past four years in the survey.

For Wegmans however, this is the second consecutive year that it's made its way to the top of the charts.

So what do the results mean for you?

Now that we have a breakdown of the stores in each category, you can choose where to shop based on what's important to you.

If you like to be in and out of a store, head over to Publix. Customers said that they had the easiest time finding items and it had the fastest checkouts. This Florida-based chain also beat all the other stores on the list for cleanliness.

Wegmans also came out on top for its specialty department service and second in item availability.

Trader Joe's was of course a standout in cashier courtesy, while if you are looking to get the most for your money, head over to Aldi.

Source: People / ABC 13