Tyler Baltierra Fuming After "Disturbing" Comments Towards Wife Catelynn

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Tyler Baltierra Fuming After "Disturbing" Comments Towards Wife Catelynn

MTV/Instagram - Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler have been one of MTV's most popular couples since they appeared on 16 & Pregnant almost 10 years ago. They chose to give up their first child for adoption, knowing that they couldn't care for a baby being kids themselves.

Since then, the couple has gotten married, had two more children, and have also shared their struggles with the world. Catelynn has been open about her post-partum depression, as well as other mental health struggles that required her to go away for a few months.

With all that was going on in their lives, Tyler seemed to reach his wits end at the end of last season. In a conversation with his mom, Tyler threw Catelynn under the bus because of her mental health.


"She says 'well I didn't actually go [to therapy]...I [went] and took a nap.' I guess she just watches movies all night. [...] But I don't say anything I just say "oh, okay...mhm," because I love Cate," Tyler said. "You've never seen her on the couch for days in a row in her robe."

Tyler's mom then followed up with, "Is that depressing for you? To see her on the couch in a robe all day?"

"No, it's not depressing. No, it's repulsing," Tyler quickly replied. "I think maybe the empathy and sympathy is just sucked dry outta me."


Not too long after those comments aired on TV, the couple announced they were going through a trial separation while Catelynn was pregnancy. The separation didn't last too long, and the couple rekindled their romance before the birth of their daughter Vaeda.

Vaeda's birth seems to spark something in Catelynn, who has been documenting a mini-makeover of sorts, getting her hair and makeup done professionally on different occasions. The young mom is bursting with confidence, and her husband loves seeing his wife like this! He posted a photo of Catelynn and captioned it:

I was going to write something deep & meaningful 🤷🏻"â™‚️ but all I can think of is "DAYYYUMM!" @catelynnmtv you look smokin babe! #Wifey 🤯🔥😛😍

Instagram - Tyler Baltierra

Sadly, the internet is the internet, and people began replying to Tyler's photo of his wife with cruel comments about her appearance. Tyler has since deleted the comment section on that photo, but the damage has been done in his mind, and he couldn't keep quiet about how rude people were to his wife.

Instagram - Tyler Baltierra

After yesterday's post, I can't help but get emotional when writing this. The unnecessary mean & disturbing comments made about my beautiful wife, really just breaks my heart to be honest. It doesn't make me angry...it literally just rips my heart to pieces.

After 11 years of this brave woman vulnerably showing her struggles & the most painful moments she will EVER experience in life, for the world to see, she does NOT DESERVE such cruelty! Do you not understand that a year ago, she was going to END HER LIFE!?

Do you not understand that she grew up in a cycle of dysfunctional abuse, but yet STILL found the STRENGTH to fight the most primitive instinct a woman could ever feel & hand her FIRST BORN CHILD to another woman just to END that cycle!?

Instagram - Tyler Baltierra

Do you not understand that she suffers from a mental illness that requires her to fight vigorously EVERY DAY in order to keep it maintained!? All I know is what I understand about her...that she is the most courageous, loving, & beautiful human being I have ever met.

And if you can't see those things, then please just scroll on, there is NO NEED FOR HATE! So PLEASE, everyone pay attention...we just HAVE to be better at loving each other as co existing human beings.

We HAVE to be better at lifting each other up & showing people the love that everyone deserves to feel. What I see here is a gorgeous woman, both inside & out, who I am lucky enough to call my wife! #SpreadTheLove#NoHate 🙏🏻❤️✌🏻

Instagram - Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn responded to her husband, saying "Omg 😭😭😭😭 thank you @tylerbaltierramtv I love you."

Despite the challenges they've been facing in their marriage, Catelynn and Tyler will always stick up for one another, and to me, that's the most important part of a relationship.

What do you think of Catelynn's new look?

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