Watch: Airline Kicks Passenger Off Flight Over Fat-Shaming Rant


Watch: Airline Kicks Passenger Off Flight Over Fat-Shaming Rant

Once upon a time, air travel was marketed as a comfortable, luxurious way to travel the country.

But it seems like these days there's a new midair horror story every week, as passengers seem happy to share their travel nightmares on social media. The latest comes viral incident comes from a United Airlines flight earlier this month.

Norma Rodgers was seated by the window for her flight from Las Vegas to Newark, New Jersey when an irate passenger took the middle seat beside her.

Warning: this video contains some strong language.

Woman Didn't Want To Sit Between 2 People

Woman Didn't Want To Sit Between 2 People, On A United Airlines Flight Regards #NormaRodgers

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The woman started loudly complaining that she was "stuck" between Rodgers and the man traveling with her, making comments about their weight for everyone to hear.

"I can't sit here because they're both so big. Left and right. I can't even sit here," she said. "At least they'll keep me warm."

Rodgers didn't mince words after flagging down a flight attendant to deal with the woman. She announced that she would "not be verbally abused by this b--- or anybody else."

The flight attendant quickly offered to find another seat for the angry woman, who couldn't resist one last jab at Rodgers while she was being lead away. "I eat salad," she insisted.

Thankfully, other passengers were quick to speak up for Rodgers and her friend, telling the angry woman her behavior was "disgusting."

United Airlines rant
Even when the other passengers turned on her, the woman would not smarten up.Norma Rodgers

"I'm not politically correct," she fired back. "Why don't you sit in between those two big pigs?"

If the woman was angling for a better seat from the start, she didn't play her cards right. Her rant was enough for United to kick her off the flight. The airline later released a statement saying they arranged "alternate travel arrangements first thing the next morning."

In a since-deleted Facebook post about the incident, Rodgers thanked her flight attendants and other United staff for handling the situation "professionally and calmly."

"Thank you for addressing the issue immediately and not letting it escalate any further."

It just goes to show that old chestnut we learn from our parents is just as true on an airplane: if you don't have anything nice to say...

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Do you think United was right to remove the woman from the flight?

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