There Is A Troll That Will Fart Glitter At You In Orlando Studios Orlando


There Is A Troll That Will Fart Glitter At You In Orlando Studios Orlando


Florida is known for a lot of things, beautiful beaches, bright sunny days, tasty oranges, and theme parks. Orlando is basically the theme park capital of the world because it has two of the biggest: Disney World and Universal Studios.

Almost no one can compete with Disney. They have iconic characters, a legacy of movies and heroes that are adored by children around the world, and the creative juices to make a theme park interesting time after time.


Universal Studios is the only other place that can enthrall visitors on that level. They entice and entertain just as well as Disney, but offer a lot more than just an animated mouse or beautiful princesses.

Universal is known as an edgier theme park. They brought Jaws to life after all. It seems like their latest attraction is a bit different, and it remains to be seen just how popular it will be.


Trolls, the toys that millions of us grew up with, came to life on the big screen with the help of DreamWorks Entertainment, owned by Universal. A huge hit with the kids, it was only natural to add a Trolls exhibit to Universal Studios Orlando. They're new and entertaining and bring with them a breathe of...well, fresh air might be the wrong word.

Meet Guy Diamond.

He is the newest addition to the Trolls and he has some, let's say, unique characteristics.

Dancing, waving and farting glitter and park guests are part of Guy's job description. If that's your thing you can find him at the KidZone at Universal Studios Orlando.

It's bizarre and oddly endearing.

People on Twitter, naturally, had their thoughts.

Someone reached out to the writer/director of the movie asking him to tone down the insanity.

Trolls are known for their antics, so maybe farting glitter isn't the worst we could have expected.

Guy will be along side, fully-clothed and non-flatulent, Branch and Poppy. They'll be meeting and greeting eager young fans at the park.

According to the Universal Studios website, Trolls will be out and about up to six times a day, giving park-goers plenty of chance to see the glittery expulsion.

While some people think it's hilarious, others had less of a desire to see the show.

Would you be interested in seeing the latest attraction?

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