Until This Year, This Was The Biggest Oscars Mistake Ever


Until This Year, This Was The Biggest Oscars Mistake Ever

By now you've seen the huge mistake that this year's Oscars ceremony will be remembered forever for, but that wasn't the first time things have gone wrong during the show.

Little mistakes happen here or there, like people missing their cue, but it takes a lot of work to create a mix-up as bad as handing someone the wrong card. But, amazingly, that's now happened twice in the show's history.

The first time was way back in 1964. Jack Lemmon was hosting the ceremony and he had just introduced Sammy Davis Jr. to present the music awards. Enjoy Sammy's impressions and see the blunder for yourself:

It's hard to decide if Sammy's mistake is worse than Warren Beatty's was this year. There was less confusion, but only because the "winner" wasn't in the category at all.

To be fair, Sammy also played this mistake off very well, throwing out a few zingers while everything was smoothed out.

What do you think? Was this year's mistake worse?

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