When They Were Called To A Hoarding Situation, No One Could Have Predicted How Many Animals They Saved

The Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control (MACC) is still left stunned after uncovering what they're calling the biggest animal hoarding case Nashville has ever seen.

MACC were called to a house after a complaint from the neighbor about an unusual number of animals in the home.

When officials arrived, they were shocked to see just how bad the situation was.

111 rabbits, 182 quail, 58 pigeons, and 27 chickens were recovered from horrible conditions. The owner claims he was keeping the animals for meat, which is not illegal. However, it was the way the animals were being kept which was the bigger issue.

"It is absolutely legal to raise animals for meat. What is important is if you are raising animals for meat is that those animals are receiving appropriate humane care during that time," said MACC spokeswoman Rebecca Morris.


The owner has surrendered all the animals, but as of yet he has not been hit with any citations. Charges could still be laid.

All the animals have a new home, where they will be moved to within the next week.

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