Guests Wore Their Old Bridal Gowns At This "Unusual" Wedding (Photos)


Guests Wore Their Old Bridal Gowns At This "Unusual" Wedding (Photos)

JesseLumen - Imgur

Here's a heartwarming antidote to those viral stories of bridezillas with demanding dress codes and outrageous requests for their guests.

At an "unusual" wedding ceremony held recently, the bride and groom had just one request for the women on their guest list: dig out your own bridal gown and wear it.

Here's how the groom, Jesse, explained the theme:

Wedding dresses
The brides wore their old dresses, or borrowed one from a friend for the special theme.JesseLumen - Imgur

"We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to out non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!"

"There's so much pressure to do a 'traditional' wedding," he added, "even if that doesn't represent your relationship."

Instead, the pair did things their way and got some very memorable wedding photos. Some guests actually borrowed wedding dresses from friends and family members just to fit in with the special theme.

Audrey Moore wedding dress
Audrey custom designed her blue wedding dress.Audrey Moore - Instagram

And in the sea of white, Jesse's bride, Audrey, stood out in a blue gown she custom designed, with inspiration taken from Disney princesses like Cinderella and Elsa.

But the "unusual" touches for this ceremony didn't stop with the bevy of bridal gowns on display. Jesse and Audrey also added a few more twists:

Jesse and his groomsmen stayed comfortable in hoodies with a tuxedo pattern printed on the front. ("Because honestly who wants to wear a tux?")

And the couple had a pair of elegant flower "girls," their moms.

At the reception, there was a "sugar bar" stocked with candy, soda, and sweets to nosh on, while classic movie soundtracks played over the speakers.

There were also games like skee ball and arcade cabinets to entertain everyone.

And the outfits only became even more memorable as the night wore on, as everyone changed into silly costumes - the bride embraced her inner princess as Elsa, while the groom was an alien abductee.

There were more quirky details the photos don't capture, including a separate french fry bar, an awards ceremony for the costumes, 18 different wedding cakes which were decorated by guests.

A wedding like this is not for everyone, but as Jesse said, the couple "threw the wedding we always wanted to go to," and it looks like their guests had a blast.

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What do you think of this unique wedding? Is it too silly for you, or do you wish you had been invited?

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