"Unwanted" Cat Showed Up At Just The Right House

Cats showing up at random houses or following people home is not unusual.

But how often do cats end up in the absolute perfect circumstance? Unfortunately, it's not that common.

Luckily for Toby, he picked the right place to go.

10 years ago, when he was just 2 years old, Toby was wandering the streets, hoping to find some food or scraps he could put in his starving belly. It was getting cold, and he was also desperate for shelter.

He walked up to a house and saw some happy, warm cats through a window and decided this was his new home.

But what was so special about it?

Rhonda Andersen

Toby had wandered into the home of Rhonda Andersen, an avid animal rescuer. The second she saw the ginger cat she knew she had to keep him.

"Toby was unwanted. He showed up on our doorstep, so we took him in. We gave him some food, and he devoured the whole can in seconds," Andersen said.

All this tiny cat wanted was some love.

Rhonda Andersen

Toby had a sore on the back of his neck, so they made him a small home in the garage until he was healed. Rhonda waited to see if someone would come forward to claim Toby, but no one did.

Rhonda and her family couldn't bear to send Toby back out into the streets, so they took him in for good.

"Now, he is the sweetest boy ever! This handsome boy lives with 7 black and tuxedo cats and is our biggest lover," Andersen said.

Rhonda Andersen

10 years later, Toby is still loving his family and always lets them know how thankful he is for taking him in. He loves cuddles and bringing people toys as gifts.

Rhonda Andersen

Have you ever had a cat show up at your door and stay forever? Let us know!

Rhonda Andersen