Update: Beth Chapman Has Taken A Turn For The Worse

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Update: Beth Chapman Has Taken A Turn For The Worse


Family sources have told TMZ that Beth Chapman is not expected to recover and leave the hospital, and the family is preparing for the worst.

On Sunday, in a statement made to Hawaii News Now, the Chapmans revealed that Beth is in a medically-induced coma in the ICU at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. The family “humbly ask everyone to please pray for Beth," and offer their "sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers throughout Beth’s battle with cancer.”

Dog confirmed the news on his Facebook page, sharing the article, and tweeted out a message after the news broke.

"Please say your prayers for Beth right now thank you love you," Dog wrote.

Last night Dog posted the image above with a similar plea. "#prayforBeth please. Thank you for all your prayers."

Duane "Dog" Chapman posted a heartwarming picture of his wife in the hospital last night. The picture is simply of her arm and hand, and Duane's message: "You all know how she is about HER NAILS !!"Her nails are nicely manicured, with tiny sparkly jewels on the tips.

Today it seems as though things have taken a turn for the worse. TMZ learned that Beth's mother has flown from the mainland to Hawaii to be by her daughter's side. Her children and grandchildren, many of whom live in Hawaii have made the journey to gather at Beth's bedside.

No members of the Chapman family have yet confirmed or denied the statement.

Beth's cancer diagnosis was a shock to everyone, and two months after she announced she was battling the disease, the family revealed that her cancer had been completely removed. Sadly, the cancer returned a year later and required emergency surgery to clear her airways of a blockage. She was also hospitalized in April due to complications.

Though it would be easy for Beth to blame the universe and God for her illness, she told churchgoers on Mother's Day that it was God's way of testing her.


Beth also appeared to admit she's stopped her chemotherapy, although she had started treatment in January of this year.

“Chemotherapy is not my bag, people. Sorry, that’s not for me,” she said. “So for me, this is the ultimate test of faith. This is my ultimate lesson. And it will either be taught to me or to you. And I am fine with taking the hit for everyone else. Because I think I know another guy who did the same thing.”

According to the insider, doctors say there is not much that can be done for Chapman at this point in the disease. Last November, it was discovered that her throat cancer had not only returned, but spread to her lungs. Now, she reportedly has stage 4 cancer in the lungs, and cannot breathe unassisted.

The Chapman family is relying on doctors for help with medical decisions going forward. Meanwhile, they are leaning on fans for support and comfort — something the loyal fan base is always glad to provide.

Sincere prayers for Beth. And prayers of strength and comfort for all of the Chapman Family

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