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Update On President Bush After Health Scare

After being hospitalized for the second time this year, former President George H.W. Bush received a visit from a very special person that gave him the boost that he needed.

"Pleased to report that 41 is joyful, strong, and ready to come home soon," former President George W. Bush wrote in an Instagram post after his visit with his father.

The former president had been recovering since last Friday when he was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital for a cough that kept him from sleeping, according to his spokesman, Jim McGrath.

The cough stemmed from pneumonia, but the former president was said to be in good spirits.

"Mr. Bush had a good night's rest, and his spirits are high," Bush spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement Wednesday. "Although he will not be discharged today, he is already looking forward to going home to Mrs. Bush, who has been constantly by his side."

Now 92-years-old, this was the second time he stayed in hospital this year.

In January he was admitted to hospital with another bought of pneumonia, but was released just in time to be the honorary coin-flipper at this year's Super Bowl in Houston.

George Herbert Walker Bush served as the 41st President from 1989-1993. His son served from 2001-2009.

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