Use This Tip To Get The Perfect Crispy Fried Egg Every Time


Use This Tip To Get The Perfect Crispy Fried Egg Every Time

Getting a perfectly-cooked egg is a skill that some chefs haven't even mastered. You'd think it's one of the simpler cooking skills, but getting it just right requires the right temperature, time, and oil.

Think of when you order eggs at a restaurant. Some people like over hard, over easy, or sunny side up. But how do you get delicious crispy edges without overcooking? The experts have dished on their secrets!

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If you're like me and melt a bit of butter at the bottom of the pan before adding the egg, you're doing it wrong.

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According to Bon Appetit Magazine, you'll need a non-stick skillet and enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Before cracking the egg, heat the oil to medium heat so when you add the egg, it starts to sizzle.

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If the pan isn't hot enough, the egg white may stick to the bottom of the pan and cause the cooked egg to fall apart when you remove it from the pan.

Once the egg has been cooking for 1 minute, take a spoon and use some of the excess oil in the skillet to baste the egg white. Don't pour oil over the yolk unless you want it well-cooked!

Bon Appetit

3 minutes is all you need to get crispy edges. Remove the frying pan from the stove top and serve your perfectly-cooked egg with sliced avocado, tomato, cheese, and whole grain toast.

Bon Appetit

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