Vanessa Hudgens Slammed After Controversial Instagram Post


Vanessa Hudgens Slammed After Controversial Instagram Post

Instagram - Vanessa Hudgens

Since her debut in High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens has had a huge fan following. The actress and singer loves to document her life on social media, including her fitness regime. In an interview with People, Hudgens admitted she dabbles in intermittent fasting.

"I've been intermittent fasting a lot, because for me, I love pasta, I love pizza, and when I'm not eating carbs I feel like a little piece of me dies," she told People. "Intermittent fasting is great, because when I am fasting"”those first two weeks are definitely rough, I'm not going to lie, but after that I feel more grounded and powerful in my workouts. I get the nutrients that I need when I eat, but then I also eat what I want."

When she's not intermittent fasting, though, she revealed that she follows the sometimes controversial keto diet, which involves eating a lot of healthy fats and very few carbs.

"If you have the right ingredients to keep you on track, I think it's amazing," she said. "I'm always making sure I'm getting those healthy fats in, so I eat a LOT of almond butter. You feel really energetic and supported on the keto diet."

Hudgens did admit, though, that the keto diet isn't really for everyone.

"I feel like it's a recipe that works for me," she said. "Everyone's different of course, but for me, that's what's been the most beneficial so far."

Recently, Hudgens posted an ad for the new Slim Fast Keto Fat Bombs, which are a low carb, high fat snack.

"#ad Finally the perfect Keto snack!!" Vanessa wrote. "@SlimFast #SlimFastKeto Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs are creamy peanut butter and chocolatey goodness... without all the sugar and carbs. And I loooovvvve that I can take it with me on-the-go!"

Celebrities have been known to promote weight loss products on their social media pages, but for some reason, Hudgens' fans were totally against her promoting something to do with the keto diet.

"Please stop advertising unhealthy methods to lose weigh," one fan wrote.

"Another one bites the dust- please don't promote diet culture!" someone else said. "Women don't have to lose weight to have worth, no matter how much a corporation pays you to act otherwise.

"You talk so much about being fit and working out and then you promote unhealthy and not effective methods to lose weight 😔 this ain't it," one fan said.

"You have many young, impressionable followers that will follow your advice," another fan cautioned. "Be responsible!Young girls WILL try this diet if you promote it, what amount of money could possibly make that worth it for you?"

It's worth noting that Hudgens never encouraged people in her post to go on the keto diet. All she said was that she found a snack that works for her, and while yes, she's getting paid to post it, it's not like she told people they need to diet. This is what works for her. If it doesn't work for you, then don't do it.

I think all the backlash she's getting for this one Instagram post is ridiculous, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

What do you think about the reaction to Hudgens' post?

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