Vanna White's Heartbreaking Miscarriage, And How She Moved On

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For 33 years, Vanna White has been a staple in most American households every single night. The Wheel of Fortune presenter seems to be ageless as she shows contestants whether or not they've guessed the correct letters in the puzzle. But what most people don't realize is that Vanna White has struggled through some tragedies in her life, and she's just now starting to open up about them.

In 1982, Vanna White fell in love with American soap opera star John Gibson. The two were together for a couple years before getting engaged. Unfortunately, their whirlwind romance ended in 1986 when John Gibson tragically died in a small plane accident.  White, obviously, was completely torn up about Gibson's death, but found comfort in her fans.

“It was devastating,” Vanna said. “But I got such an outpouring of fan mail, and it really did help to know that I wasn’t alone.”

But the tragedy didn't end there.

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