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500 Years Later, A Vatican Mystery Has Been Solved

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Rome Limousines

The Vatican Museums started as only one marble sculpture in 1506.

It was purchased more than 500 years ago by a pope, and many more collections and sculptures have been added over the course of its history.

The 16th century was full of mysteries, but perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of all was the lost paintings by Renaissance master Raphael Sanzio da Urbino.

Self-portrait of Renaissance master Raphael (1506). News Art Net

The Italian painter is famously known for being an architect of the High Renaissance.

Raphael's work is admired for its immaculate clarity and composition.

"The way the paintbrush moves," Vatican restorer Fabio Piacentini expressed about Raphael's talents, "even the subtlety of the point of the brushes used to create the small wisps of hair."

In 1508, he was commissioned by a pope to paint his private apartments, which is known today as "Raphael rooms."

Two masterpieces, which are believed to be Raphael's last works before his death at the age of 37, were thought to have been lost forever, but they've been actually hiding in plain site all this time.

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