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Veteran Recognizes Homeless Man As The Brother He Hasn't Seen For 28 Years

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An Army veteran has reunited with his long-lost brother after a chance encounter.

Roy Aspinall, 38, was leaving a Remembrance Sunday service in Wigan, England when he spotted a man with intriguing features. He decided to approach 28-year-old Billy White and offer him a cigarette.

"I walked through the churchyard to get my bus and I saw this guy sitting on the brick wall. The recognition of his face was there. I thought I had to see who he was. He had his little bag and sleeping bag," Aspinall told the Metro.

The emotional reunion was the first time Aspinall had seen White since he was an infant.

"I was in tears when we worked it out. I just told him to grab his stuff and said he was coming with me," he said.

White said he was stunned when Aspinall had approached him.

"This guy came over to me and was asking me lots of questions, about my mum and my sister. He said I'm your brother. I didn't believe him at first," White told the BBC.

"You can't explain that feeling inside. It's mad. I'm still in shock. My mum had always spoken about [Roy]," he said.

The pair share the same mother, Lorraine White, but due to family divisions, Aspinall was raised by his aunt, while White stayed with their mother until the age of 10, when she passed away.

White had been homeless on three separate occasions, including the last eight months. After rejoicing in their reconciliation, Aspinall knew he couldn't go back home without his brother.

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