Veteran Hugs Lion, Makes His Lifelong Wish Come True

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Veteran Hugs Lion, Makes His Lifelong Wish Come True

Sometimes love comes to us in expected ways. From some it's a kiss or hug from a loved one and for others it's from a wild animal.

Jim is a decorated World War II hero with a strong love for all kinds of animals especially lions. He's always wanted to interact and touch one but as he got older this proved more and more difficult. Thanks to some wonderful people, Jim finally had his wish come true when he got a big tender hug from a young lion.

You might think it sounds crazy but trust me, everything turned out great! The lion licked the veteran's cheek and wrapped its giant paws around him. Jim then proceeded to give the kitty some pets and scratches while it layed on his feet. Here's an adorable clip of their meeting that'll prove that even the wildest of animals are capable of showing love.

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