Video Captures Moment Burly Bouncer Punches A Woman Right In The Face

People walking in this street in Liverpool, England couldn't believe what they were witnessing when this woman marched up to a bouncer outside of a pub.

The Daily Mail reports that the incident took place on Matthew Street. Witnesses captured the incredible moment that has sparked heated debate on Twitter.

A bold woman in a tight dress walks straight up to a bouncer and attempts to punch him in the face.

The burly man ducks, but what he does in response has people livid!

Did you see it? He just punched her in the face!

It's obvious he hit her with quite a bit of force, as her head snaps back and she stumbles backwards. Her knees start to buckle, but she catches herself just in time.

Do you think this was the right way to handle a beligerant woman? Should the bouncer have handled this differently? You decide.