Clever Dog Learns To "Talk" For A Treat

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Clever Dog Learns To "Talk" For A Treat

Patch is a very smart dog. The Australian shepherd looks after the grandmother of the little boy in this video. When she has a seizure, he lets her family know and comforts her.

But that's not his only skill. Like any dog, when food is on the line Patch can do anything he sets his mind to. Even talking.

Most dogs can learn to bark when you tell them to "talk," but Patch's vocabulary is a bit more advanced. Watch him show off his skills in this video and just imagine how much easier life would be if our dogs could talk.

In case you're worried that this talented dog didn't even get his reward, the family shared another video where they give Patch a bite.

I think he deserves a whole dinner to himself for this incredible trick!

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