Creepy Video Shot At A Morgue Could Make You Believe In Ghosts


Creepy Video Shot At A Morgue Could Make You Believe In Ghosts

There are a few jobs in the world that you wouldn't envy at all. One of them is the position of an overnight security guard at a morgue.

I don't know a whole lot about the job requirement but one thing is for sure, you'd be dealing with some extremely spooky and inexplicable situations. A video from a Brazilian morgue that's been making the rounds is proof enough.

A security guard and his colleague were on the night shift duty when they noticed flickering lights and heard a slamming door. Keep in mind that this is a very real situation, not a horror movie.

The pair then proceeded down a dimly-lit hallway to check out the source of the weird occurance, but as they got closer, they didn't spot anyone around. The slamming eventually stopped and the hallway went dark for a few seconds before the lights stabilized. The camera then panned into the door to reveal that there's a wall behind it and it would be impossible for anything to hide behind it.

The freaky footage was posted on YouTube by Alcmidia Curiosities and has since gone viral with over 1.9 million views. Most people were very convinced it has to do with the paranormal while others tried to explain it with logic. You can watch the eerie video below and be the judge.

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